DevCamps Documentation: re-all-camps


re-all-camps - start/stop/restart all camps




This command operates on each camp in numerical order, switching to the user who owns the camp using su, then invoking the re command with any arguments provided.

It must be run as root.

It makes the following assumptions about the system:

  • The camp system user is camp and re lives at ~camp/bin/re
  • Developer users will have uid 500 or higher
  • Developer users will be members of the camp group
  • Developer users will reverse-map to themselves (can't use an alias with the same uid as a primary user)

The name is a little cumbersome, but this isn't meant to be oft-used. Its primary purpose is to start all camps on a system after a reboot.

This would be more elegantly implemented as an option to re, then executing commands from Camp::Master as the appropriate user, but doing so would require an overhaul of the internals. Simply setting the effective user ID within re doesn't set up the environment properly as needed for starting the services as that user, so this uses su to spawn a subshell for each re call.


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