DevCamps Documentation: mkcamp


mkcamp - create a new camp



mkcamp --comment="<comments>" --type=<type> [--number=<camp #>] [--skipcamp] [--skipdb] [--vcs=<svn|git>] [--help]

Creates a new camp and registers it in the camp database.

A comment explaining the use of the new camp is required. This should likely be enclosed in quotes to work with your shell.

Unless there is only one camp type available, the type must be specified as well.


Required comment explaining the purpose of this new camp.


The type of camp to be made; if there is only one type, mkcamp will set the --type automatically.

--number=<camp number>

Specify the camp number to be made instead of automatically determining it. Required if --skipcamp is used.


Do not add this camp to the database (arguments of --comment will not be passed if this option is used). Requires --number to be set.


Skip database creation.


Optionally specify version control system to use for working copy checkout. The camp type requested should provide a default, and determines which options actually work.


Displays the help menu and list of camp types based on Camp Master Database configuration.


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